GENERAL We finally got a much-needed break from the triple digit temperatures, and some areas even received some rain although it was much less than what is needed. Area crops […] (full story)

The market continues to plod along, but this week with a shot in the arm from the USDA planted acres and rice stocks reports. As all expected, acres were down from last year, registering in […] (full story)

Purdue ag economists Nathanael Thompson and James Mintert will release the July monthly outlook as a podcast on Wednesday July 13, 2022. The update will take place following the release of […] (full story)

General Situation Very hot and dry again this week with a couple of slight showers but no significant rain falls in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Cotton This week checking […] (full story)

It’s #FarmerFriday and time for you to meet Tom Ingram from Dawson, Ga! Tom’s farm is Motnella Farms. They grow peanuts and cotton. Tom enjoys farming because he feels like it’s in […] (full story)

Yusuf Khan and Will Horner reported in today’s Wall Street Journal that, “Fine farm weather and a rush of Russian grain ships through the Black Sea have taken the sting out of […] (full story)

The USDA’s June Hogs and Pigs report places the June 1 inventory of all hogs and pigs at 72.5 million head, down just slightly from last quarter and almost 1% lower than a year […] (full story)


Mississippi State University scientists will cohost a collaborative field day in the Mississippi Delta on July 13 to share information about cover crops, soil and water health, and irrigation automation […] (full story)

An irrigation specialist with the Mississippi State University Extension Service has gained national recognition for his outreach related to water conservation practices. Drew Gholson received the Early Career Award in […] (full story)

FMC Launches Three Initiatives To Improve Supply Chain Performance The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) recently announced three new initiatives that will enhance assistance to shippers, further improve compliance with FMC […] (full story)

Bloomberg writers Kim Chipman, Eleanor Song, and Tarso Veloso Ribeiro reported yesterday that, “Global grain markets are at a pivot point, with prices finally starting to ease after a dizzying surge earlier this […] (full story)

Summary Widespread moderate drought and abnormal dryness continued to form and expand across a large swath of the eastern U.S. this week, with a few areas of severe drought forming […] (full story)

Drought conditions remain far more prevalent across the western CONUS than the East, though pockets of drought and more widespread abnormal dryness have expanded rapidly across the south-central CONUS, Mississippi […] (full story)

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 initiated an escalator clause for the farm safety net’s reference price.  We evaluate how this escalator would have influenced payments by the Price Loss Coverage […] (full story)

Ya know, when you ride around for several hours a day thinking about crops and walk in cotton fields half the time, your perspective jumps around.  You think of some […] (full story)

For more than a century the US has been a dominant force in world agricultural markets. Much of that influence can be attributed to 1) a large land base amenable […] (full story)

Happy 4th! Markets closed Monday (full story)

by Clark Kauffman The Iowa Supreme Court on Thursday made it harder for landowners to sue for damages caused by large-scale animal confinements, saying it “wrongly decided” a 2004 case on Iowa’s right-to-farm law. In a 4-3 decision, the... (full story)

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Farm Journal announces Jennifer Richter has joined the company as vice president of AgWeb. Working as part of agriculture’s No. 1 website for industry information and market activity, she will provide strategic […] (full story)

Septoria brown spot is a foliar disease caused by the fungus Septoria glycines. Most people scouting soybean in Arkansas have noticed this disease beginning in the lower canopy. It is likely […] (full story)

The University of Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center at Milan is excited to host another Milan No-Till Field Day, which is the nation’s largest no-till field day. This year, the […] (full story)

Peanut prices received by farmers for all farmer stock peanuts averaged 23.2 cents per pound for the week ending June 25, down 1.4 cents from the previous week. Marketings of […] (full story)

In this video, K-State Research and Extension weed management specialist Sarah Lancaster encourages wheat producers to plan for post-harvest weed control. “One of the things that can happen once the […] (full story)

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WASHINGTON, DC 1-JUL-2022 WA_FV102 ... (full story)

WASHINGTON, DC 1-JUL-2022 WA_FV101 ... (full story)

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In this VIDEO of a recent Bloomberg TV interview, Jim Roemer shines a light on the interplay between good weather and a bad economy (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 01-JUL-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 01-JUL-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

Periods of high nitrogen fertilizer prices bring scrutiny to firms who make nitrogen fertilizer and retailers who sell nitrogen fertilizer. There are four major nitrogen fertilizer companies in North America. […] (full story)

In a farm in Lyon County, a study was being conducted to evaluate the management of slugs in soybeans. By mid-May a couple of slugs were found, and a laboratory […] (full story)

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PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 01-JUL-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 01-JUL-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

PHOENIX Shipping Point Prices as of 01-JUL-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

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With barley and wheat harvest in various stages, double-crop soybean planting will soon follow in some areas of the state. Weeds are generally less of a problem in double-crop soybean […] (full story)

As the growing season progresses, crops are growing rapidly. As a reminder, many herbicides have application restrictions related to the crop stage of growth, as well as, if the crop […] (full story)

  Market Watch and Nov Soybean Tech Talk with Alan Brugler and Austin Schroeder July 1, 2022 Implosion Last week we were bemoaning the fact that all of the commodities in our tracking table had settled lower, leaving a sea of red numbers.... (full story)

The corn disease tar spot has been confirmed in central Iowa. Iowa State University Extension plant pathologist Alison Robertson says the detection occurred June 29th in a seed company plot in Marshall County. “And it was confirmed in an... (full story)

Sections in this report 1) Performance Update Trading the Daily EMA 9-18 2) Performance Update Trading the Hourly EMA 9-183) Simplified trend procedure, the same rules apply for all time periods and markets.4) Links to generate and track trades using 60 minutes to monthly data5) How to create any allocation... (full story)

FRESNO Shipping Point Prices as of 01-JUL-2022 Provided by: Specialty Crops Market News Federal - State Market News... (full story)

Positioning into the 4th of July weekend left the lean hog board mixed. Nearby futures added 47 to 87 cents and extended their premium. The other ’22 months closed 10 to 25 cents higher, as the deferred ’23 contracts ended red. USDA’s National Average Base Hog price for Friday was... (full story)